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  • Mobisummer has extensive presence in 200 countries with a team of 70. It sets a automatic ad optimizing platform as the operation development direction and conducts precision operation based on different offers.
  • In June of year 2016, Mobisummer expanded the business to business and began to build our own architechture. And our own advertisement platform was on-line.Technology has driven business-growth and the company has grown rapidly.
  • In October 2015 Mobisummer started the business with a team of 20 members. Gradually, the B2B business developed steadily and broke even point.We started to collaborate with domestic and global companies.
  • Mobisummer was founded in the summer of year 2015. Focusing on global markets, it is a technical innovation company devoting to mobile advertisement delivery and mobile application development.

  • “Cooperation with Mobisummer enabled Alibaba to get high quality traffic all the time. Mobisummer proved itself to be a reliable partner by its professional promotion strategy and leading technique.”
  • Alibaba Mobile—Ted, Head of User Acquisition
  • “Within just one year, Mobisummer accurately grasp the industry trends, well meet the clients’ demand, it is not easy.”
  • Yeahmobi — Dylan, Business Director
  • “I have had the pleasure to work very closely with Mobisummer and have found them to be an extremely talented, reliable and trustworthy partner. Mobisummer's approach is working towards a long-term vision which matches Pocket Media and thus, is the reason our partnership has been so successful to date. I look forward to continuing our successful partnership for the future and beyond in Mobile Advertising.
  • Pocket Media — Jet Patel, Director, Asia
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